Monday, April 1

Bomb Cosmetics: Little Hotties

I love these little guys so much I just had to share these with you.
They are little wax tarts that pack a lot of punch. You can mix and match the different scents to create your own or just use the same ones if you like a scent already.
I have one of these boxes just full of cherry ones because I adore cherry smells so my room usually smells of cherry but i do like to mix it up sometimes.
One box cost me £6.99 and you can buy it online for a similar price but i like to buy mine from a shop thats a good few miles away from me so when I am up that way I will be getting some more!
The tarts there are grouped in there scents and you fill up your box like a pick and mix.
I have a thing where i have to stack them just so i get more for my money and i will break and snap the tarts in two to fill up the gaps. Its almost like a mini explosion waiting to happen when I get to the checkout and its carefully placed down.

There website also gives some cute recipes like

"Cherry Kiss + Blackcurrant + Cranberry = Red Berry Boost
Summer Lawn + Floral + Fleur Botanica = Enchanted Garden
Pink Rhubarb & Raspberry + Cinnamon + Biscuit = Rhubarb Crumble
Passion Fruit + Tropical Sands + Strawberry = Tropical Fruit Smoothie"

Such a cute little idea and amazingly scented that you just have to try!

Much Love,
KlayerrD xxx

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